Instructions for Running Kelvin-Sleeve
Paraffin Engines  (13-07-1942)

Starting A Paraffin Engine

   Detach the stopping wire; drain the float chamber of paraffin with the pilot cock open; close drain cock, open pilot cock and turn petrol into float chamber. Prime cylinder tops, retard ignition (lower leaver down). Completely close throttle (upper leaver up). Put reverse gear at neutral (knob on wheel down). Work starting handle up and down (slowly). When engine starts, advance spark (lower lever up), engage clutch and open throttle gradually. When engine is thoroughly heated (4 minutes at full speed) turn float chamber cock from petrol to paraffin.
To Stop Engine.

    Retard ignition (lower leaver down), close throttle and pilot cock. Stand clear of starting handle. A paraffin engine should be turned onto petrol about a minute before stopping. This saves the draining of the float chamber necessary prior to re-starting.


   The successful running of a paraffin engine depends on keeping it hot. The ignition should not be fully advanced until the engine is under load. The water regulator should be kept at "slow" until the top of the cylinder is hot, when it may be turned to "full". Should the load be reduced either by slowing the engine or by removing the clutch, the ignition should be retarded half way and the regulator turned to "slow".

Engine Refuses to Take Paraffin.

    Should the engine gradually take longer to heat up, the vaporizer requires cleaning. Spread a crumpled newspaper below the vaporizer, remove the soot door and clean the interior of the vaporizer with a piece of strong wire suitably bent.