List of London & Rochester Trading Company craft fitted with Kelvin Engines

as detailed by Capt. Duncan Francis in his article ‘The Crescent Kelvins’
in ‘Topsail’ magazine No. 36 (2002)

Ex sailing barges of Albert Hutson fitted with 30hp G2 Kelvin-Ricardo paraffin or 44hp Kelvin-Diesels.
Alice, Albert, Circe, Coronation, Imperial, Margery Alice, M.N., Mousme, Queen, Raven, Sir Richard, Royal George, Surrey, Squawk, Westall, H.T.Willis, Victor plus Pimlico with a 60hp G4.

Ex Daniels Brothers sailing barges with 66hp K3s.
Azima, Kathleen, Savoy and Vicunia.

Ex Francis & Gilders sailing barges with 66hp K3.
Alaric, British Empire, Dawn, Lady Helen, Leslie West and Varuna.

Ex sailing barges of Crescent Shipping, London & Rochester Trading Company fleet,
with details of the engines replaced in parenthesis :-
Arctic (Bolinder) 66hp K3, Atrato (Hamworthy 60hp) 66hp K3, Alderman 66hp K3, Alan 66hp K3, British King II 30hp G2 paraffin, Cabby (30hp G2 par) 66hp K3, George & Eliza 44hp K2, Greta 44hp K2, Ironsides (2 x 30hp G2 par) 66hp K3, Knowles 66hp K3, King 44hp K2, Mayor 44hp K2, Marie May 66hp K3, Melissa (60hp G4 par) 66hp K3, Niagara 66hp K3, Northdown 66hp K3, Pinup, ex Pip (150hp Crossley) 88hp K4, Pudge (30hp G2 par) 66hp K3, Saxon (2 x 35hp Bolinders) 88hp K4, Scone (30hp G2 par) 66hp K3, Success (2 x 50hp Bolinders) 2 x 66hp K3, Spartan (2 x 35hp Petters) 66hp K3, Servic (2 x 50hp Petters) 2 x 88hp K4, Stargate ex Wilfred (2 x 60hp Kromhouts) 2 x 44hp K2, Thyra 66hp K3, Thistle 44hp K2, The Brownie 44hp K2, Vera 66hp K3, Vigilant 66hp K3, Wyvenhoe (Hamworthy 60hp) 88hp K4, Vivid 30hp G2 par.

Motor barges of the Crescent Shipping, London & Rochester Trading Company, combined fleet listed by build and naming groups, with details of engines replaced in parenthesis:-
The Flame (80hp Kromhout) 44hp K2, Gaye ex Mary II (100hp Kromhout) 88hp K4, Blackstakes ex A.H.P.(150hp Kromhout) 88hp K4, Kethole ex Piper II (150hp Kromhout) 88hp K4, Saltpan ex Peter Piper (2 x 60hp Kromhouts) 2 x 44hp K2, Nervo (60hp G4 par) 66hp K3, Knox (60hp G4 par) 66hp K3, Flanagan 66hp K3, Naughton (66hp K3) 88hp K4, Gold 88hp K4, Silver 88hp K4, Milligan 66hp K3, Maloney (66hp K3) 88hp K4, Josh Francis 88hp K4, Pepita 88hp K4, Cecil Gilders 88hp KR4, Action II 2 x 66hp K3, Bastion (Crossley) 180hp T6, Maguda (Deutz) 180hp T6, Andescol 180hp T6, Bencol 180hp T6, Capton 180hp T6, Diction 180hp T6, Elation 180hp T6, Function 180hp T6, Gillation 180hp T6, Horation 180hp T6, Ignition 180hp T6, Kiption (2 x Lister Blackstone driving one shaft) 180hp T6, Libation 180hp T6, Roan 88hp K4, Robust 66hp K3, Rock 66hp K3, Rodent 66hp K3, Roer 120hp T4, Roffen 120hp T4, Rogul 120hp T4, Roina 120hp T4, Loach 180hp T6, Lobe 180hp T6, Locator 180hp T6, Lodella 180hp T6, Ambience 240hp T8, Blatence 240hp T8, Cadence 240hp T8, Dominence (Swedish engine then Crossley)
180hp T6, Eloquence 140hp T8. (115 Kelvin engines listed above)

Other barges belonging to other owners fitted with Kelvins. Information supplied by Capt Francis.
Charles Burley 44hp K2 C. Burley of Sittingbourne.
Dee ? K? T. Allsworth, Queenbrough.
C.I.V. ? K?
Helen of Troy (80hp Kromhout) 88hp K4
Celtic 2 x 66hp K3 A. Sheaf, I.O.W..
Oceanic 2 x 66hp K3 A. Sheaf or Vectis Shipping.
Gazelle 2 x 88hp K4 Palmer, Gravesend.
Lord Roberts 66hp K3 Rankins, Rochford.
Ethel Maud 44hp K2 Green Bros. Maldon.
Lafford 132hp KR6 Palmer, Gravesend.
Peter Robin 132hp KR6 G.F.Sully, London.
Tambo 2 x 66hp K3 Tester Greenhithe Lighterage.
(total 16 engines)

Total 115+16+58 on list dated 24-3-50 is 189. Say 180 as some names appear two lists.

George Bergius. 11th of March 2004