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"The Bergius Company Limited" A Brief History
Boats With Kelvin-Diesel Engines
More Boats With Kelvin-Diesel Engines
Fishing Boats With Kelvin-Diesel Engines
Thames Type Barges With Kelvin-Diesel Engines
Kelvin Courier No. 7

"The Motor Boat"

The New Kelvin Diesel Engine
The consumption of a Diesel-Engined fishing boat
The low consumption of Diesel-Engined fishing boats


"The Motor Boat & Yachting"

From the Birth of an Industry
Seventy-Two Gold Watches
Evolution of a Marine Engine
My Life With the Monster
On and On forever
They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore

Mr. D.W. Willocks
Mike Harper

Mike Harper
Mike Harper

"Waterways World" Movers & Shakers Andrew Talbot

"Top Gear Magazine" Scottish Achievement W. Boddy

"Veteran Car Magazine" The Story of The Kelvin Car  

"48 Days Adrift" Atlantic Episode John Beaumont

"The Fishing News"

Lessons From the Scottish Fishing Industry

George Bergius

"Dunbarton Herald" The Loch Lomond Motor Launches  

"The Classic Boat Magazine" Kelvin Connections George Bergius
"The Yachting Monthly"

A Watertight Skylight
At Hunter's Quay - July 1920

Walter Bergius
Kenneth McIver

"Canal Boat and Inland Waterways" A Fine Vintage Tom Montagu

"Cassic Boat & The Boatman Magazine" The Launch of a Marque
Work Horses of the World
Mike Smylie