Golden Jubilee Presentation

Alistair MacKay (M.D.) presenting a long service gold watch to David W. Willocks (Chairman of The Bergius Co. Ltd) at the company's Golden Jubilee Celebrations June 1954. 'DW' was an original member and director of the Company founded on 28th May 1904. He ran the commercial side of the business and was Walter Bergius's right-hand man. In the very early days in Finnieston Street (1904-1910) 'DW' worked most of the time at the bench and as 'WB' said "Willocks kept the books when his hands were clean!" 'DW' became Managing Director and Chairman on Walter Bergius's death in 1949. Alistair MacKay was brought in as M.D. by the then new owners Brush-ABOE circa 1953 The founder's photograph is visible above 'DW's head.