The Engine
Kelvin J4
The castle on the base of my handbowl, by Tony Lewery
Roses Painted by Tony Lewery

Engine No. 18506 "Maggie"

Year of manufacture 1934

Click Here for a short AVI format video clip of No. 18506 running at tickover

Technical Specification.

Direction of Rotation. Anti-Clockwise.

Number of Cylinders. 4

Cylinder Capacity. 1,483 CC

Cylinder Bore. 4.25".

Cylinder Stroke. 6.375".

Weight 1866 lb.

Max Power Output. 44 SHP at 1000 R.P.M.

B.M.E.P. 96.36 lb/

Idling Speed. 220 R.P.M.

Max. Engine Speed. 1000 R.P.M.

Firing Order. 1-2-4-3.

Compression Ratio. 16 to 1.

Injection point. 9 degrees before Top Dead Centre.

Injection Pressure. 90 atmospheres.

Lubrication Oil. 30 S.A.E.

Fuel Oil. <= 40 seconds at 100 degrees Ferenheit.

18506 was the starboard engine of a twin screw installation in a Silvers motoryacht built in 1930 with originally two 30hp Kelvin-Ricardo paraffin engines. She was named Enola II and built for a Capt Livesey of Sandgate, Kent. In 1934 she was bought by Mr G.E.Fery of The Raises, Ashwick, Marshfield, Nr. Chippenham, Wilts and renamed Wanderer II, and he ordered the J4s which were despatched on 15th November 1934. By 1949 according to Lloyd's Register of Yachts she was named Silver Wake and owned by Major P.H.B. Wall of 63 Clabon Mews, Cadogan Square, London SW1. Lloyd's Register of 1978 shows her owner to be Mr.B.K.Wilcox of 44 Avenue de la Gare, Coigniers, France, in 1972 her Kelvins were replaced with two 57hp Fords.(shame!)

Click Here for photographs of the port engine No. 18507

A Kelvin in kit form

This is what No. 18506 looked like in November 1994 before the 2 1/2 year restoration project.

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