The History of the Bergius Company

The Kelvin      The 1906 Rowing Gig with the first marine Kelvin Engine
Kelvin II  
Dodo II     The Yacht designed by Mr. William Bergius
Progress    The boat fitted with the first commercially sold Kelvin Engine
Forty Four Years of Progress  
The Bergius Company Ltd.      An early history by Mr. George Bergius
Early History of the Bergius Car & Engine Co.  
The Golden Jubilee, 1954  
Office and Factory Photographs  
Names, Addresses and Owners of the Bergius Company  
The Gearwheel K Logo  
Staff & Agents of the Bergius Launch & Engine Co.  
Some Aspects of the Motorisation of the
Scottish Inshore Fishing Fleet
The Paper presented by Mr. George Bergius in 1953 to the
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation Congress